Abituriyent hazırlığı (en)



Do you want to become a high school student?
then trust us with your education and turn your dream university into reality!. Preparation of entrants is carried out on the basis of State Students Admission Commission Program (SSAC).At the end of each month, subject tests are conducted and results of the test are discussed.
If the student has not mastered the subject well, additional courses are scheduled.
The student's attendance is monitored and the parents are regularly informed about the student's preparation and the results of each month's subject exams,
Registration process for 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th grade students is carried out in all of our branches Prices: 5 subjects as a package
- Group 315 AZN (groups are for 2 persons)
- 420 AZN individually Preparation of entrants is carried out on the following groups in both group and individual approach in all groups.
Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers based on the SSAC program.

For additional information contact us:
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