About us

About us


JALAL-I Training Center was establisheby Calal Kamal oghlu Maharramov in May 2002. From the early days of its operations, it has been distinguished for professionalism, high quality of teaching and customer satisfaction amongst the courses and educational institutions. Our graduates of initial years (2002-2003) have already excelled in the field of education and career, and are representing Azerbaijan in many foreign countries both as competent students and as employees. We are proud of as well as responsible for the achievements of our students who apply to us, and eager to show the same affectionate service to every student who has trust in us.

Our goal is to provide every client with professional and high-quality education and services for more knowledgeable, intelligent and brighter generations of the future and development of Azerbaijan. Jalal-I educators are highly communicative, professional and competent alumni of local and foreign universities with minimum 5-year-experience in teaching.

Our difference is that the teaching system we apply is compatible with any individual’s knowledge and abilities covering their interests, requirements and innovations in educationAn individual approach to each student is one of the key concepts of our work.

We offer you to enlarge your knowledge and skills based on the principle of "Learning in an amusing way in the classrooms equipped with modern equipment and tools.

Come along and feel the difference!

Let us step into our 22th year together!


Our advantages


22 years of activity

Local and foreign educators

Responsibility for education provided

Individual approach to each student

Comfortable and discounted payment schemes

Free trial lessons, course materials

Affiliates in Affordable Places

Convenient schedule (09: 00-22: 00)