Dizayn kursları (en)


Want to be a designer?

Would you like to be recognized as a professional graphic designer or web designer in the business world, as an indispensable cadre for advertising companies, printing centers and photostudies?

JALAL-I Education Center organizes courses for graphic design programs for those who want to master the designer profession.

- Landscape

Landscape design

Preparing animated works in various ways

3. Working with the precise dimensions of the alchipan forms used in the interior

4. Preparing sketches and 3D imagery of various types of furniture

5. Construction of furniture constructions

6. Drawing of technical details (mechanical engineering)

7. Development of electrical plans

8. Development of gas supply plans

9. Development of water and sanitation supply plans

10. Development of technology plans

11. Construction works

12. Development of geodesy projects


Students who complete the course are given a certificate.

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