Mütəmadi Verilən Suallar (en)

Sever Askerova
Could you please give a hint about IELTS lessons fees?
Answer: For IELTS it lasts for  2 or 4months , 3 lessons a week and each lesson is 1 hour.
Monthly fee is 250 AZN individually, 180 AZN for a group of two students.
İbrahim Kharayusubov
I would like to know if there are any postgraduate preparation studies  that your course provides ?If yes, when shall I begin?
Answer: it has already started.There is a special offer for postgraduate preparation studies in summer. 3 lessons in 1 lesson price. With the price of 250 AZN, you will get a three lessons package.
Kanan Asad.
Would you kindly tell me what will be discount offers for English lessons. I would also like to know if there are any special discounts for intelligent students.
Answer: Hello! Lucky you that we have increased our discount to 30% starting from this week. We can offer extra benefits for you. The first one is if you bring 3 students, so you will have 50% off. If you bring three students, you will have all your lessons free of charge. What is more, if you pay two months in advance, then you will have the third one free of charge.
Heydər Babayev
Hello, I want to learn Italian at JALAL-I Education Center. So could you please provide me with the data required for that 
 Answer: Full curriculum consists of 13-14 lessons and each lesson duration is one hour and maximum lesson per week is three times. Plus we are offering conversation clubs. Monthly fee is 130AZN individually, 90AZN for a group of two students. Furthermore, we are providing our students with advanced learning programmes such as audio conversations sessions, DVD with subtitles to make it fair toward our students.The first lesson is free to let them   evaluate their teachers and the content they will have
Plus, we are offering cinema clubs. We apply the same rules in all language teaching classes such as Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Italian. Monthly fees for Persian, Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish are less price as they are 100 AZN individually, 70 AZN for a group of two students.
Afer Abdullayev
What Russian language level would I reach if I had fifty days to attend lessons.
Answer: it depends on your studying hours and your competence. For sure, 50 days is not short time. Absolutely you will learn it if you attend on daily basis.
Do not hesitate to reach us for any enquires.