Magistratura hazirligi (en)

Master Preparation Course

If you have the degree of Bachelor and intend to continue the education and receive Master degree, we invite you to join our master preparation courses. Our students will be able to get high-quality education and knowledge from our experienced and competent teachers of Information Technologies, Logics and Foreign languages in a short time. Classes are delivered 3 times a week (12-14 hours a month) at times convenient for you from 9:00 to 22:00.
The monthly fee is 280 AZN individually and 195 AZN for a 2 persons.

For additional information contact us:
28May Metro St., Str. Dilara Aliyeva 235: 012-599-02-46
Ahmedli Metro St., Str. Mahammed Hadi: 012-570-70-44
ACEU (Azerbaijan Construction and Engineering University) Building 2, floor 16: 012-555-10-99
Caspian Plaza, Block 3, Floor 6: 012-555-70-99
Mobile number: 055-330-40-00