Preschool preparation courses


Preschool preparation courses in Baku


It is a great opportunity to be guided by experts in their first step Pre-school preparation of children:
* Getting acquainted with mathematical figures
* Alphabet - writing habits
* Teaching fun activities
* Organization of logical games
* Developing general outlook ideas It also offers foreign language classes for children (mainly English and Russian lessons), painting, and so on included).
Psychological lessons are also taught for children.
* Developing exercises
* Logical thinking
* Preschool preparation
* Correction of mental processes (attention, memory, perception, thinking, imagination and speech)
*Development and correction of informative habits
* Hyperactive children
* Mental retardation
* Mental speech delay
* Psychomotor development delay
The monthly fee is 90 AZN individually and 60 AZN for a 2 persons.

For additional information contact us:
28May Metro St., Str. Dilara Aliyeva 235: 012-599-02-46
Ahmedli Metro St., Str. Mahammed Hadi: 012-570-70-44
ACEU (Azerbaijan Construction and Engineering University) Building 2, floor 16: 012-555-10-99
Caspian Plaza, Block 3, Floor 6: 012-555-70-99
Surakhani district, YAP, 7 Calal Gurbanov str: 055-330-40-00