Muhasibatliq kurslari (en)

Starting with "0", you will learn three months of easy-to-follow and exciting methods of accounting.

Within 3 months you will:

- Accounting Theory (current version)

- Practical base for company's accounting business

- Preparation of SSPF and TAE reports

- Work freely with the 1C Program

- Easily prepare financial statements

- Fines of tax legislation

Practical learning.

Lessons are Experienced and Professionally Experienced Experts who are Accounting and Finance Experts for years.

After that, those who want can learn 1C computer software, which allows you to calculate more quickly and accurately by applying your accounting skills.

Compilation of the balance is practically carried out on standard form and books. 3 month software: 1 month theory, 1 month practice and 1 month 1C

The first lesson is a trial lesson - free.

Classes are held 3 times a week for one hour.

One-day or double-days, 1-month fee is 160 AZN individually, 110 AZN in two-way group.

Successfully completing the program, CERTIFICATE is presented!

Classes are distinct and are conducted in the group Russian and Azerbaijani, with 2-4 people in the group.

Choose the "Jalali" office, which is conveniently located for you:

May 28, D. Aliyeva 235: 012-599-02-46

Ahmedli, M.Hadi 23/24: 012-570-70-44

AzMU II Corps: 012-555-10-99
Caspian Plaza: 3 corps, 6th floor: 012-555-70-99

Mobile: 055-330-40-00

Email: [email protected]