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                                     Ability to study abroad!

Jalal-I Training Center offers you the opportunity to get education abroad.

Make a difference in the education you will get in the world's premier universities, the better your future!

Study abroad can be carried out on different programs: bachelor's degree, A level, foundation, master's degree, Scholarship and Internship programs, summer school, etc.

University selection, airport pick-ups, housekeeping, etc. at the most affordable price!

Countries: European countries (UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland etc.) Ukraine, Turkey, Cyprus, Russia, China, United Arab Emirates, USA.


For additional information contact us:
28May Metro St., Str. Dilara Aliyeva 235: 012-599-02-46
Ahmedli Metro St., Str. Mahammed Hadi: 012-555-70-44
ACEU (Azerbaijan Construction and Engineering University) Building 2, floor 16: 012-555-10-99
Caspian Plaza, Block 3, Floor 6: 012-555-70-99
Mobile number: 055-330-40-00